With an overhaul in our company WMW AG Maschinenbau technical requirements of your machine will be maintained and refurbished. The refurbished machine characteristics are after that as good as new and the performance of your machine is nearly like on the first day.

Mechanically and Geometric refurbishing via:

  • replacement or grinding of guidances,
  • replacement or grinding of spindles and rolls,
  • replacement of worn parts , such as bearings, hydraulic and pneumatic components


With a Retrofit of your machine it will be adapted to the latest technologies and thus the productivity will also be increased.

Revaluation via:

  • renewal of electrical and control elements,
  • upgrading of the latest CNC technology,
  • modification of hydraulic-/ pneumatic - and lubrication systems,
  • modification respectively upgrade of security devices including protective housing and
  • issue of an EC Declaration of Conformity

Through innovative modernization in accordance of the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC, your machine can be declared as a new machine.


With regular laser measurements it can be increased the run time and performance of your machine tool. This gives you an accurate picture from the status of your machine. With this you can avoid long downtimes of your machine. This is not only increasing the lifetime, accuracy and productivity of your machine it also enables you to guarantee your customer consistently high quality of your products.

Among others we are able to measure following machine geometric:

  • parallelism of guideways,
  • evenness of guidances,
  • straightness measurements,
  • rectangularity measurements,
  • positioning accuracy and
  • backlash of spindles


Engineering Services

In addition to our own support for retrofit projects through our engineers the company WMW AG Maschinenbau provides also development of machines and construction services for machines. From the idea to the finished product, you will be advised by our expert design-/and construction team.

Machine Relocation

To ensure that your production as may start at another location quickly, we offer you a professional dismantling and subsequent assembly. Before dismantling the current state can be documented and afterwards your machine will be put back into this state again.

Repair | Maintenance

In order to ensure long-term productivity of your machine tools and to maintain the high quality standard of your products, regular maintenance and the replacement of wearing parts are indispensable. Also here the company WMW AG Maschinenbau is offering its service in order to demonstrate we are your service partner.


The WMW AG can offer its market valuation for industrial and manufacturing facilities. Furthermore, we can create a valuation report for your stocks.