Eccentric Press Schuler PDR 100-315

Eccentric Press Schuler PDR 100-315Eccentric Press Schuler PDR 100-315Eccentric Press Schuler PDR 100-315


Overhauling / Retrofit for a customer of 3 Eccentric Presses
according latest Safety Instructions!


Pressure Force: 1000KN
Ram Stroke: 20 - 160mm
Number of strokes: 55/min
Throat: 320mm

Work performed

- Replacement of the control cabinet (retrofitted with softstarter, terminals, contactors and cabling renewed,
- Installation of a press safety control
- 2 - Manual safety switch retrofitted incl. new control unit
- new machine wiring
- renewal of the pneumatic system (hoses, valves, maintenance units, screw connections, valves)
- check or better renew of the boiler
- check / clean the lubrication unit
- complete repainting (removing the old
   Painting, troweling, sanding, priming, sanding, painting