Center LatheWMW Niles N8/6300

Center Lathe WMW Niles N8/6300Center Lathe WMW Niles N8/6300Center Lathe WMW Niles N8/6300


Machine is in momentarily in modernization Process!


- copying device in order to turn cones
- chuck protection

- 4 pcs steady rests (closed)
- 1 pc steady rest Ø 220mm (open) revolving
- 1 pc 3 jaw chuck Ø 480mm
- 1 pc support for max. 600mm
- diverse bases / foot plates
-div. tools

Work performed

- cleaning of the entire machine ( chips has been removed, freed from oil, engreasing, preparation of re-painting)
- mechanical checked and defect parts has been replaced and adjusted
- chuck protection including electrical clamping retofitted
- complete new painting ( old painting has been removed via filling, sanding, priming, sanding, painting
- preparation of the required documentation ( electric wiring diagram, operator manual)